Who We Are

Our name, Aroha, is the word for love in the Maori language, as we believe that flowers carry ounces of love everywhere they go. From the farms to your home, Aroha's flowers are fresh and handpicked by local farmers with love.

It is to our knowledge that each and every flower we sell has its own individual beauty, and so we care for each and every one of our fresh flowers.

Aroha's main purpose is to help create a comforting ambience and mood for the family to enjoy at home. 

We want the sweet and unique scent of each and every flower we sell to help bring families together. We want our flowers to be a family sentiment rather than just a home decoration, helping turn family bonds from string to steel.

We hope for our flowers to not only help spread love to individual homes, but also to our home and motherland as a nation, Indonesia; starting with the capital city of Jakarta.

With Aroha, everything starts from home.